Foxy Gets Foxier

Since Foxy Bingo launched many moons ago their mascot has undergone many changes. When the site first started advertising their wares on television the face of the site was more creepy weirdo than loveable fox. However, as time as progressed Foxy has certainly improved with age. Much like George Clooney, as the years have passed […]

Do the French Play Bingo

We have asked ourselves if the French play bingo games. Does France enjoy the same kind of relationship that people have in the United Kingdom with the fabulous numbers game?

Jackpot Joy to be Sold

Rumours that Jackpot Joy are a target for acquisition by a Canadian Gambling company have surfaced in the last few days. If these rumours are true, it would be a major acquisition and sure to cost a lot of money.

Irish Bingo Granny Plus Cocaine

In what must be the most bizarre Bingo story we have heard for a while, took place recently in Cork Ireland. A Grandmother was arrested outside of a Bingo Hall in the city for possession of Cocaine.

Lucky Grease Slot Player

Lucky Pants Bingo seems to have all the moves when it comes to Grease Slot games. Boasting 3 versions of Grease Slots, Lucky Pants Bingo players are raking it in at Heartbreak High.